With over 5 years experience by fully qualified electricians, Tru Solar can provide expert services on all Electrical and Solar Panel needs.
Tru Solar places the utmost priority on customer satisfaction. Indeed, it is this dedication that has helped in the growing reputation of Tru Solar.
Tru Solar are accredited installers. With highly experienced and dedicated staff who have consistently demonstrated strong performance in the field of all electrical work, Solar Panel Installations, Solar Panel Servicing & Solar Panel Repairs, you can be sure to have the job done on time, efficiently and at the best price, guaranteed!

Service Level Guarantee

Our “Service Level Guarantee” ensures a professional service each and every time for all your domestic, commercial and emergency electrical needs.

As qualified Sydney Electrical Contractors, Tru Solar are proud to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of all it’s products and services.

Tru Solar have all your Solar needs covered.

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